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Sketch of civil society doing eDiplomacy

Civil society doing eDiplomacy: is this what it looks like?

Many scholars have asked how governments can compete with civil society online and regain influence in international relations. Instead, this site asks how civil society can gain influence in international negotiations by using eDiplomacy. Some call this the democratization of diplomacy.

This blog is about the crossroads between civil society and diplomacy, with online media as enabler.

Aila Lonka

Aila Lonka in Armenia

Aila Lonka, directing the Youth in Charge Civic Engagement Seminar in Armenia

Including her position at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Aila has more than 8 years of experience with innovations in citizen diplomacy.

She started out working as the youngest senior mentor for a US State Department institute, mentoring more than 150 best and brightest students from 30+ countries. Subsequently, Aila co-founded the NGO: Youth in Charge and directed the International Civic Engagement Seminar in Armenia bringing together 50 young social entrepreneurs from 20 different countries and involving more than 400 local Armenians.

The next adventure was as board member and chair of the board at Amstream. Aila helped found Amstream in 2013 to meet the demand for consultation and facilitation of opportunities between Scandinavia and the Caucasus.

Aila studied political science at the University of California Berkeley and the university of Copenhagen. In her studies, she focused on international relations, peace and conflict in particular as well as international ethics. Aila wrote her bachelor thesis on the Tension Between Hard and Soft Power Usage in the Counterinsurgency Effort in Afghanistan. You can find an abstract of that thesis here. Her master’s thesis explored the regional security relations between the EU and Russia.

In 2013, Aila was awarded the title of Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum.

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