The Difference Between Terms: “Internet” & “www”

 The difference between the terms “the Internet” and “the World Wide Web” visualized

The difference between the terms “the Internet” and “the World Wide Web”

This just goes to prove that it is important to define even the words we use in everyday speech. I did not realize the nuances between the two concepts “the Internet” and “the World Wide Web” before I started researching to define the concepts.

This is what I found out:
the Internet is basically just a collection of computers and cables, that enable the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web, on the other hand, is the tool we use to display web pages. When you put the two together they enable the “publication, exchange and storage of information” (Westcott, 2008).

One needs to realize though, that far from everyone is aware of the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web (I wasn’t), which means that many use them as synonyms.



  1. stephachamber

    I think this point about language is really applicable to your topic, but maybe connect it a bit more? Also this site is gorgeous.

  2. I also didn’t know the difference between the two until I read your post. I’ve always considered the internet to be the definition of the world wide web.

  3. Mitar

    Ehm. 🙂 This is not really correct. 🙂 Internet is not really hardware. But is (global) network of (local) networks. So we in have three terms to define: network, Internet, and web. (Local) network can mean bunch of computers physically/directly connected. But it can also mean possibility of those networks to communicate, to form a way of communication. In a similar way Internet is global network of such local networks. And can be seen both as something concrete or something more abstract, global communication medium. Web is just one of the services on the Internet for which use web browsers, it is build upon web pages and protocol to transfer this information is named HTTP (this is why you have HTTP in web site URLs). But there are also other services possible on the Internet, so once you have computers communicating together on a global scale. One of those is for example Skype. And Bittorrent. Not to mention e-mail.

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